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Moredun’s research has a major impact on the scientific community both in UK and worldwide.  One of the ways new research is communicated is through publication in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings.

Our scientists are very active in producing high quality, high impact papers and have won awards for the papers and articles they have produced.

Title Authors Year
Drug resistance in liver flukes Fairweather, I., Brennan, G.P., Hanna, R.E.B., Robinson, M.W., Skuce, P.J. 2020
Characterization of hagfish (Eptatretus burgeri) variable lymphocyte receptor–based antibody and its potential role in the neutralization of nervous necrosis virus Jung, J.Wook, Lee, J.Seok, Kim, J., Im, S.Pyeong, Kim, S.Won, Lazarte, J.Mary S., Kim, Y.R., Chun, J.Hong, Ha, M.Woo, Kim, H.Su, Thompson, K.D., Jung, T.S. 2020
Molecular identification of potential aquaculture pathogens adherent to cnidarian zooplankton Clinton, M., Kintner, A.H., Delannoy, C.M.J., Brierley, A.S., Ferrier, D.E.K. 2020
First case of idiopathic eosinophilic meningoencephalitis in a sheep Vidaña, B., Floyd, T., Brena, C., Lyle, R., Carson, A., Hamilton, C.M., Wessels, M. 2020
Coagulase negative staphylococci from ovine milk: genotypic and phenotypic characterization of susceptibility to antibiotics, disinfectants and biofilm production Turchi, B., Bertelloni, F., Marzoli, F., Cerri, D., Tola, S., Azara, E., Longheu, C.Maria, Tassi, R., Schiavo, M., Cilia, G., Fratini, F. 2020
Benefits of vaccinating goats against Haemonchus contortus during gestation and lactation Nobre, C.Oliveira R., de Matos, A.Francisco, Monteiro, J.Patrício, de Souza, V., Smith, W.David, Teixeira, M. 2020
Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus, United Kingdom Holding, M., Dowall, S.D., Medlock, J.M., Carter, D.P., Pullan, S.T., Lewis, J., Vipond, R., Rocchi, M.S., Baylis, M., Hewson, R. 2020
Involvement of CD4-1 T cells in the cellular immune response of olive flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) against viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV) and nervous necrosis virus (NNV) infection Jung, J.Wook, Lee, J.Seok, Kim, J., Im, S.Pyeong, Kim, S.Won, Lazarte, J.Mary S., Kim, Y.R., Chun, J.Hong, Ha, M.Woo, Kim, N.Na, Thompson, K.D., Kim, H.Jun, Jung, T.S. 2020
Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus type 2 in hares in England Bell, D.J., Davis, J.P., Gardner, M., Barlow, A.M., Rocchi, M.S., Gentil, M., Wilson, R.J. 2019
Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus type 2 in hares in Scotland Rocchi, M.S., Maley, M., Dagleish, M., Boag, B. 2019
Nasal adenocarcinoma associated with jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus infection in a sheep Jahns, H., Cousens, C. 2019
Development and evaluation of a quantitative polymerase chain reaction for aquatic Streptococcus agalactiae based on the groEL gene Leigh, W.J., Zadoks, R.N., Costa, J.Z., Jaglarz, A., Thompson, K.D. 2019
Cervids as sentinel‐species for tick‐borne encephalitis virus in Norway ‐ a serological study Paulsen, K.M., Neves, C.G., Granquist, E.G., Madslien, K., Stuen, S., Pedersen, B.N., Vikse, R., Rocchi, M.S., Laming, E., Stiasny, K., Andreassen, Å.K. 2019
Atypical Toxoplasma gondii genotype from a sheep and a pig on Fernando de Noronha Island, Brazil, showed different mouse virulence profiles Melo, R.Pimentel B., Almeida, J.C., de Lima, D.C.V., Carvalho, J.C.S., Porto, W.J.N., Magalhães, F.J.R., Hamilton, C.M., Katzer, F., Mota, R.A. 2019
The development and use of Actiphage® to detect viable mycobacteria from bovine tuberculosis and Johne’s disease‐infected animals Swift, B.M.C., Meade, N., Barron, E.Sandoval, Bennett, M., Perehenic, T., Hughes, V., Stevenson, K., Rees, C.E.D. 2019
Differences in immune responses to Haemonchus contortus infection in the susceptible Ile de France and the resistant Santa Ines sheep under different anthelmintic treatments regimens Albuquerque, A.Cláudia A., Bassetto, C.Cristiano, Almeida, F.A., Hildersley, K.A., McNeilly, T.N., Britton, C., Amarante, A.F.T. 2019
Comparison of histologic methods for the detection of Desmozoon lepeophtherii spores in the gills of Atlantic salmon Herrero, A., Padrós, F., Pflaum, S., Matthews, C., , J., Rodger, H.D., Dagleish, M.P., Thompson, K.D. 2019
A vaccinology approach to the identification and characterization of Dermanyssus gallinae candidate protective antigens for the control of poultry red mite infestations Lima-Barbero, J.F., Contreras, M., Mateos-Hernández, L., Mata-Lorenzo, F.M., Triguero-Ocaña, R., Sparagano, O., Finn, R.D., Strube, C., Price, D.R.G., Nunn, F., Bartley, K., Höfle, U., Boadella, M., Nisbet, A., de la Fuente, J., Villar, M. 2019
Sheep as host species for zoonotic Babesia venatorum, United Kingdom Gray, A., Capewell, P., Loney, C., Katzer, F., Shiels, B.R., Weir, W. 2019
Habitat and host factors associated with liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica) diagnoses in wild red deer (Cervus elaphus) in the Scottish Highlands French, A.S., Zadoks, R.N., Skuce, P.J., Mitchell, G., Gordon-Gibbs, D.K., Taggart, M.A. 2019