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Moredun’s research has a major impact on the scientific community both in UK and worldwide.  One of the ways new research is communicated is through publication in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings.

Our scientists are very active in producing high quality, high impact papers and have won awards for the papers and articles they have produced.

Title Authors Year
Efficacy and safety of a non-mineral oil adjuvanted injectable vaccine for the protection of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) against flavobacterium psychrophilum Hoare, R., Jung, S.J., Ngo, T.P.H., Bartie, K., Bailey, J., Thompson, K.D., Adams, A. 2017
An in vitro approach to identify the key amino acids in the low susceptibility of rabbit PrP to misfolding Eraña, H., Fernández-Borges, N., Elezgarai, S.R., Harrathi, C., Charco, J.M., Chianini, F., Dagleish, M.P., Ortega, G., Millet, Ó., Castilla, J. 2017
MALDIrppa: quality control and robust analysis for mass spectrometry data Palarea-Albaladejo, J., McLean, K., Wright, F., Smith, D.G.E. 2017
120 years of louping-ill research: an historical perspective from the archive of the Journal of Comparative Pathology Buxton, D., Reid, H.W. 2017
Clinical pathology of the vulnerable Gough Moorhen (gallinula comeri) Dagleish, M.P., Ryan, P.G., Girling, S., Ghazali, M., Bond, A.L. 2017
Intracellular delivery of nano-formulated antituberculosis drugs enhances bactericidal activity Donnellan, S., Stone, V., Johnston, H., Giardiello, M., Owen, A., Rannard, S., Aljayyoussi, G., Swift, B., Tran, L., Watkins, C., Stevenson, K. 2017
Role of Schmallenberg virus infection in congenital malformations in ruminants in Scotland in spring 2017 Brülisauer, F., Scholes, S., Caldow, G.L., Rocchi, M., Dagleish, M.P., Chianini, F. 2017
Impact of Salmonid alphavirus infection in diploid and triploid Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) fry Herath, T.K., Ashby, A.J., Jayasuriya, N.S., Bron, J.E., Taylor, J.F., Adams, A., Richards, R.H., Weidmann, M., Ferguson, H.W., Taggart, J.B., Migaud, H., Fordyce, M.J., Thompson, K.D. 2017
Occurrence of abortions induced by Neospora caninum in dairy cattle from Santa Catarina, southern Brazil de Macedo, C.A.B., de Macedo, M.F.S.B., Miura, A.C., Taroda, A., Cardim, S.T., Innes, E.A., Katzer, F., Cantón, G.J., Chianini, F., Headley, S.A., Garcia, J.L. 2017
Onchocerca volvulus: the road from basic biology to a vaccine Lustigman, S., Makepeace, B.L., Klei, T.R., Babayan, S.A., Hotez, P., Abraham, D., Bottazzi, M.Elena 2017
A novel 3D skin explant model to study anaerobic bacterial infection Maboni, G., Davenport, R., Sessford, K., Baiker, K., Jensen, T.K., Blanchard, A.M., Wattegedera, S., Entrican, G., Tötemeyer, S. 2017
Assessing the virulence of Streptococcus agalactae serotypela, Ib and III using a cohabitation infection model in Nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus) Jaglarz, A., Leigh, W., Costa, J., Thompson, K.D. 2017
Structural and functional diversity arising from intra- and inter-haplotype combinations of duplicated DQA and B loci within the ovine MHC Ballingall, K.T., Lantier, I., Todd, H., Lantier, F., Rocchi, M.S. 2017
Short communication: molecular epidemiology of Streptococcus agalactiae differs between countries Reyes, J., Chaffer, M., Rodriguez-Lecompte, J.Carlos, Sánchez, J., Zadoks, R.N., Robinson, N., Cardona, X., Ramírez, N., Keefe, G.P. 2017
Antimicrobial susceptibility of Flavobacterium psychrophilum isolates from the United Kingdom Ngo, T.P.H., Smith, P., Bartie, K.L., Thompson, K.D., Verner-Jeffreys, D.W., Hoare, R., Adams, A. 2017
Proteomic analysis and identification of immunogenic proteins of Francisella noatunensis sub.sp. orientalis Shahin, K., Watson, E., Inglis, N.F., McLean, K., Thompson, K.D., Ramirez-Paredes, J.G., Monaghan, S.J., Metselaar, M., Hoare, R., Shin, A., Adams, A. 2017
Herd-level prevalence of selected endemic infectious diseases of dairy cows in Great Britain Velasova, M., Damaso, A., Prakashbabu, B.Chengat, Gibbons, J., Wheelhouse, N., Longbottom, D., Van Winden, S., Green, M., Guitian, J. 2017
Detection of the florfenicol resistance gene floR in chryseobacterium isolates from rainbow trout. Exception to the general rule? Verner-Jeffreys, D.W., Brazier, T., Perez, R.Y., Ryder, D., Card, R.M., Welch, T.J., Hoare, R., Ngo, T., McLaren, N., Ellis, R., Bartie, K.L., Feist, S.W., Rowe, W.M.P., Adams, A., Thompson, K.D. 2017
Development of a monoclonal antibody against the CD3ε of olive flounder (paralichthys olivaceus) and its application in evaluating immune response related to CD3ε Jung, J.Wook, Lee, J.Seok, Kim, Y.R., Im, S.Pyeong, Kim, S.Won, Lazarte, J.Mary S., Kim, J., Thompson, K.D., Suh, J.Pyo, Jung, T.S. 2017
Pathways and genes associated with immune dysfunction in sheep paratuberculosis Gossner, A., Watkins, C., Chianini, F., Hopkins, J. 2017