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PRESS RELEASE: Interdisciplinary collaboration leads to new early sheep scab test

A new diagnostic technique has been developed by Scottish scientists to help in the early detection of sheep scab, marking a significant development towards improved monitoring and control of the parasite.

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PRESS RELEASE: Novel study of poultry red mites awarded key funding

A grant worth almost half a million pounds has been awarded to the Moredun Research Institute to develop a novel way of studying poultry red mites which greatly reduces the number of hens required.

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JOINT PRESS RELEASE - SCOPS & COWS: Test before you treat sheep for liver fluke this autumn

Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) and Control of Cattle Parasites Sustainably (COWS)

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PRESS RELEASE Honorary Fellowships for David Danson and David Smith

The Moredun Foundation, the governing body of Moredun Research Institute, was delighted to award two honorary fellowships to David Danson and David Smith at its AGM held on Thursday 3rd of September in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the Moredun Group.

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Fluke Forecast - Summer 2020

The summer fluke forecast has been published by the National Animal Diseases Information Service (NADIS).

It predicts high risk in north western Scotland and moderate risk across the rest of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the west of England.

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An innovative approach to Equine Grass Sickness research as a new Fellowship is funded

The Moredun Foundation (TMF) and The Equine Grass Sickness Fund (EGSF) have joined forces to launch an innovative three year Fellowship to breathe fresh thinking and multi-disciplinary approaches into Equine Grass Sickness (EGS) research.

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PRESS RELEASE: Equine Grass Sickness: Exciting times ahead for this difficult and devastating disease of horses

Moredun, with partners from the Equine Grass Sickness Fund (EGSF), the Royal (Dick) School for Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh, University of Liverpool, the British Horse Society and World Horse Welfare have produced a comprehensive booklet, Equine Grass Sickness:  A research

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PRESS RELEASE: Informative and fun animation on Cryptosporidium control

The parasite Cryptosporidium parvum is a zoonotic pathogen that can be spread between animals and humans causing disease.

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OnFARM podcast special chats to Moredun

Launched in January 2020, OnFARM showcases rural enterprise, community, creativity, charity, history and much more.

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