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SCOPS Quarantine advice for internal and external parasites

With so many potential risk to consider when bringing sheep into a flock, the Sustainable Control of Parasistes in Sheep (SCOPS) group has created new resources to help vets and advisors better assist their farmer clients.

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PRESS RELEASE: New research into novel vaccines against ovine enzootic abortion

A new vaccine being developed against ovine enzootic abortion by scientists at the Moredun Research Institute has shown very promising results in laboratory trials being able to protect against abortion caused by the bacteria Chlamydia abortus without the risk of causing infection in the animal.

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PRESS RELEASE: Honorary Fellowships for Gareth Jones and William Stewart

The Moredun Foundation, the governing body of Moredun Research Institute, was delighted to award two honorary fellowships to Gareth Jones and William Stewart at its AGM held on Thursday 2nd of September in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the Moredun Group.

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DEFRA: Better welfare conditions for millions of farm animals during transit

New rules on maximum journey times and more headroom will raise welfare of farm animals during transport.

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Aquaculture News

To find out more about the latest developments in our aquaculture services read our latest newsletter -

Aquaculture news

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Rural reflections on the Covid pandemic

How has Covid-19 affected rural communities, and what kinds of challenges does the agricultural industry now face?

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Protecting against parasites - Scotland's Farm Advisory Service

Moredun were asked recently by SAC’s Farm Advisory Service if we’d be prepared to do a piece to camera on ‘Parasites and Climate Change’ for their newly-launched FAS TV YouTube channel.

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Sheep industry experts stand together to urge action now

 In an open letter to the sheep industry, Moredun Research Institute, National Sheep Assiocation, the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep group (SCOPS), and the

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PRESS RELEASE: Professor Julie Fitzpatrick New Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland

Professor Julie Fitzpatrick OBE has been appointed Chief Scientific Advisor for Scotland.

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