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Parasite Control

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There is loads of information available on the sustainable and effective control of roundworms from a wide range of sources. We have pulled together a directory of useful links providing information on the topics listed below.


Using anthelmintics correctly prevents underdosing, a key factor in the development of anthelmintic resistance.

Table of links to information and guides on effective anthelmintic administration





One of the key methods of protecting the efficacy of anthelmintics on farm is to avoid importing resistance by employing effective quarantine to all new and returning stock.

Table of links to information on effective quarantine and how to do this on farm




Refugia describes the worm population on farm which is unexposed to treatment – e.g. worms on pasture and those residing in untreated animals. It is important to maintain a diverse refugia of worms on farm as these will dilute any resistant worms which survive anthelmintic treatment, slowing down the development of resistance on farm.

Table of links to information on what refugia is and how to maintain it on farm.



Working out when to give anthelmintics can be difficult. Including targeted selective treatments (TST), targeted treatment (TT), the strategic use of long-acting products and using the new drug classes to perform ‘break doses’. 

Table of links to information about a range of treatment strategies aimed at the sustainable control of roundworms and prolonging the efficacy of available drugs. 




With the advancement of anthelmintic resistance in the UK and worldwide, alternative roundworm control strategies can be integrated into farm management practices to reduce reliance on anthelmintics. Alternative strategies include grazing management, selective breeding of sheep/cattle for parasite resilience and forages which provide anthelmintic properties.

Parasite control - News sheet



Parasite infections are an economic as well as an animal health and welfare concern in livestock systems. Many are endemic in the UK, and in this factsheet we explore the control of three major parasites: liver fluke, roundworm and sheep scab, focusing on their sheep and cattle hosts.

You can download the news sheet by clicking the link in the right hand column on this page.