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Our Work

Discover more about the infectious diseases we study and our multidisciplinary approach to safeguarding livestock health and welfare.

Practical Application

The translation of research findings into practical solutions for the farming industry has been a strength of Moredun since its founding in 1920.


Moredun recognises the importance of collaboration in order to encourage innovative science through collaborative projects, educational opportunities and shared resources.


Moredun’s scientists, vets and scientific support staff work in a number of different disciplines which allows for the study of a wide variety of diseases and conditions. 



About The Moredun Research Institute

Moredun Research Institute conducts world class scientific research on the infectious diseases of livestock, caused by important viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Working closely with farmers and vets Moredun Research Institute strives to improve livestock health and support sustainable agriculture through the development of diagnostic tests and the creation of novel vaccines to combat infectious disease.

Moredun’s science also helps find solutions to other major challenges such as ensuring safe and sustainable food and water supplies; the consequences of a changing climate and conserving biodiversity.