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Moredun’s research has a major impact on the scientific community both in UK and worldwide.  One of the ways new research is communicated is through publication in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings.

Our scientists are very active in producing high quality, high impact papers and have won awards for the papers and articles they have produced.

Title Authors Year
Draft genome sequence of francisella noatunensis subsp. orientalis STIR-GUS-F2f7, a highly virulent strain recovered from diseased Red Nile tilapia farmed in Europe Ramírez-Paredes, J.Gustavo, Larsson, P., Wehner, S., Bekaert, M., Öhrman, C., Metselaar, M., Thompson, K.Dawn, Richards, R.Harvey, Penman, D.James, Adams, A. 2017
Global food security via efficient livestock production: targeting poor animal husbandry McNeilly, T.N. 2017
Quantification of resistant alleles in the β-tubulin gene of field strains of gastrointestinal nematodes and their relation with the faecal egg count reduction test Esteban-Ballesteros, M., Rojo-Vázquez, F.A., Skuce, P.J., Melville, L., González-Lanza, C., Martínez-Valladares, M. 2017
Atypical Histiocytosis in Red Squirrels ( Sciurus vulgaris ) Smith, S.H., Stevenson, K., Del-Pozo, J., Moss, S., Meredith, A. 2017
Predominance of atypical genotypes of Toxoplasma gondii in free-roaming chickens in St. Kitts, West Indies Hamilton, C.M., Kelly, P.J., Boey, K., Corey, T.M., Huynh, H., Metzler, D., Villena, I., Su, C., Innes, E.A., Katzer, F. 2017
Enhancing the toolbox to study IL-17A in cattle and sheep Wattegedera, S.R., Corripio-Miyar, Y., Pang, Y., Frew, D., McNeilly, T.N., Palarea-Albaladejo, J., McInnes, C.J., Hope, J.C., Glass, E.J., Entrican, G. 2017
Analysis of Campylobacter jejuni infection in the gnotobiotic piglet and genome-wide identification of bacterial factors required for infection de Vries, S.P.W., Linn, A., Macleod, K., MacCallum, A., Hardy, S.P., Douce, G., Watson, E., Dagleish, M.P., Thompson, H., Stevenson, A., Kennedy, D., Baig, A., Coward, C., Maskell, D.J., Smith, D.G.E., Grant, A.J., Everest, P. 2017
Genetic and serological diversity of Flavobacterium psychrophilum isolates from salmonids in United Kingdom 2017
Sex differences in leucocyte telomere length in a free-living mammal Watson, R.L., Bird, E.J., Underwood, S., Wilbourn, R.V., Fairlie, J., Watt, K., Salvo-Chirnside, E., Pilkington, J.G., Pemberton, J.M., McNeilly, T.N., Froy, H., Nussey, D.H. 2017
Estimating genetic and phenotypic parameters of cellular immune-associated traits in dairy cows Denholm, S.J., McNeilly, T.N., Banos, G., Coffey, M.P., Russell, G.C., Bagnall, A., Mitchell, M.C., Wall, E. 2017
Identification of LukPQ, a novel, equid-adapted leukocidin of Staphylococcus aureus Koop, G., Vrieling, M., Storisteanu, D.M.L., Lok, L.S.C., Monie, T., Wigcheren, G., Raisen, C., Ba, X., Gleadall, N., Hadjirin, N., Timmerman, A.J., Wagenaar, J.A., Klunder, H.M., Fitzgerald, R.J., Zadoks, R., Paterson, G.K., Torres, C., Waller, A.S., Loeffler, A., Loncaric, I., Hoet, A.E., Bergström, K., De Martino, L., Pomba, C., Lencastre, H., Ben Slama, K., Gharsa, H., Richardson, E.J., Chilvers, E.R., Haas, C., Kessel, K., Strijp, J.A.G., Harrison, E.M., Holmes, M.A. 2017
Complex responses to movement-based disease control: when livestock trading helps Prentice, J.C., Marion, G., Hutchings, M.R., McNeilly, T.N., Matthews, L. 2017
Frequency and phenotype of natural killer cells and natural killer cell subsets in bovine lymphoid compartments and blood Hamilton, C.A., Mahan, S., Bell, C.R., Villarreal-Ramos, B., Charleston, B., Entrican, G., Hope, J.C. 2017
Evaluation of molecular methods for the field study of the natural history of Dicrocoelium dendriticum Mitchell, G., Cuthill, G., Haine, A., Zadoks, R., Chaudhry, U., Skuce, P., Sargison, N. 2017
IPD-MHC 2.0: an improved inter-species database for the study of the major histocompatibility complex Maccari, G., Robinson, J., Ballingall, K., Guethlein, L.A., Grimholt, U., Kaufman, J., Ho, C.S., Groot, N.G., Flicek, P., Bontrop, R.E., Hammond, J.A., Marsh, G.E. 2017
Suitability of loci for multiple-locus variable-number of tandem-repeats analysis of Cryptosporidium parvum for inter-laboratory surveillance and outbreak investigations Chalmers, R.M., Robinson, G., Hotchkiss, E., Alexander, C., May, S., Gilray, J., Connelly, L., Hadfield, S.J. 2017
RHDV-2 on the Isle of Man and in the Republic of Ireland Rocchi, M.S., Maley, M., Dagleish, M., Vick, C., Ryan, D., Lee, A., Jahns, H. 2016
Ultrastructural analysis of sequential cyprinid herpesvirus 3 morphogenesis in vitro Monaghan, S.J., Bergmann, S.M., Thompson, K.D., Brown, L., Herath, T., del-Pozo, J., Adams, A. 2016
A post-mortem study of respiratory disease in small mustelids in south-west England Simpson, V.R., Tomlinson, A.J., Stevenson, K., McLuckie, J.A., Benavides, J., Dagleish, M.P. 2016
Genetic Diversity and Antibiotic Resistance Among Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci Recovered from Birds of Prey in Portugal Sousa, M., Silva, N., Igrejas, G., Sargo, R., Benito, D., Gómez, P., Lozano, C., Manageiro, V., Torres, C., Caniça, M., Poeta, P. 2016