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Moredun’s research has a major impact on the scientific community both in UK and worldwide.  One of the ways new research is communicated is through publication in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings.

Our scientists are very active in producing high quality, high impact papers and have won awards for the papers and articles they have produced.

Title Authors Year
Similarities and differences in the biotransformation and transcriptomic responses of Caenorhabditis elegans and Haemonchus contortus to five different benzimidazole drugs Stasiuk, S.J., MacNevin, G., Workentine, M., Gray, D., Redman, E., Bartley, D., Morrison, A., Sharma, N., Colwell, D., Ro, D.K., Gilleard, J.S. 2019
Duration of protection and humoral immunity induced by an adenovirus-vectored subunit vaccine for foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in Holstein steers Sitt, T., Kenney, M., Barrera, J., Pandya, M., Eckstrom, K., Warner, M., Pacheco, J.M., LaRocco, M., Palarea-Albaladejo, J., Brake, D., Rieder, E., Arzt, J., Barlow, J.W., Golde, W.T. 2019
The dynamics of ovine gastrointestinal nematode infections within ewe and lamb cohorts on three Scottish sheep farms Hamer, K., McIntyre, J., Morrison, A.A., Jennings, A., Kelly, R.F., Leeson, S., Bartley, D.J., Chaudhry, U., Busin, V., Sargison, N. 2019
A randomised vaccine field trial in Kenya demonstrates protection against wildebeest-associated malignant catarrhal fever in cattle Cook, E., Russell, G., Grant, D., Mutisya, C., Omoto, L., Dobson, E., Lankester, F., Nene, V. 2019
Transcriptional response of ovine lung to infection with jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus Karagianni, A.Eleonora, Vasoya, D., Finlayson, J., Martineau, H.M., Wood, A.R., Cousens, C., Dagleish, M.P., Watson, M., Griffiths, D.J. 2019
Development of amplicon sequencing for the analysis of benzimidazole resistance allele frequencies in field populations of gastrointestinal nematodes Sargison, N.D., MacLeay, M., Morrison, A.A., Bartley, D.J., Evans, M., Chaudhry, U. 2019
Differential immune responses of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) upon nodavirus infection by bath or intramuscular injection Ferreira, I., Costa, J.Z., Thompson, K.D., Valero, Y., Cuesta, A., Baptista, T., Esteban, Á., Guardiola, F.A. 2019
To what extent is climate change adaptation a novel challenge for agricultural modellers? Kipling, R.P., Topp, C.F.E., Bannink, A., Bartley, D.J., Blanco-Penedo, I., Cortignani, R., del Prado, A., Dono, G., Faverdin, P., Graux, A.I., Hutchings, N.J., Lauwers, L., Gülzari, Ö., Reidsma, P., Rolinski, S., Ruiz-Ramos, M., Sandars, D.L., Sándor, R., Schönhart, M., Seddaiu, G., van Middelkoop, J., Shrestha, S., Weindl, I., Eory, V. 2019
Population gene introgression and high genome plasticity for the zoonotic pathogen Streptococcus agalactiae Richards, V.P., Velsko, I.M., Alam, T., Zadoks, R.N., Manning, S.D., Pavinski Bitar, P.D., Hasler, H.B., Crestani, C., Springer, G., Probert, B., Town, C.D., Stanhope, M.J. 2019
Shedding of Cryptosporidium in calves and dams: evidence of re-infection and shedding of different gp60 subtypes Thomson, S., Innes, E.A., Jonsson, N.N., Katzer, F. 2019
Multiple resistance to macrocyclic lactones in the sheep scab mite Psoroptes ovis Sturgess-Osborne, C., Burgess, S., Mitchell, S., Wall, R. 2019
Characterisation of a niche-specific excretory–secretory peroxiredoxin from the parasitic nematode Teladorsagia circumcincta Price, D.R.G., Nisbet, A.J., Frew, D., Bartley, Y., Oliver, M.E., Mclean, K., Inglis, N.F., Watson, E., Corripio-Miyar, Y., McNeilly, T.N. 2019
Microbiome analysis as a platform R&D tool for parasitic nematode disease management Hogan, G., Walker, S., Turnbull, F., Curiao, T., Morrison, A.A., Flores, Y., Andrews, L., Claesson, M.J., Tangney, M., Bartley, D.J. 2019
Strategic vaccination of hair sheep against Haemonchus contortus Teixeira, M., Matos, A.Francisco, Albuquerque, F.Henrique M., Bassetto, C.Cristiano, Smith, W.D., Monteiro, J.Patrício 2019
Detection of Betanodavirus in experimentally infected European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax, Linnaeus 1758) using non‐lethal sampling methods Ferreira, I.Almeida, Costa, J.Z., Macchia, V., Thompson, K.D., Baptista, T. 2019
Whole cell inactivated autogenous vaccine effectively protects red Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) against francisellosis via intraperitoneal injection Ramírez‐Paredes, J.Gustavo, Mendoza‐Roldan, M.Angel, Lopez‐Jimena, B., Shahin, K., Metselaar, M., Thompson, K.D., Penman, D.J., Richards, R.H., Adams, A. 2019
Control of paratuberculosis: who, why and how. A review of 48 countries Whittington, R., Donat, K., Weber, M.F., Kelton, D., Nielsen, S.Saxmose, Eisenberg, S., Arrigoni, N., Juste, R., Sáez, J.Luis, Dhand, N., Santi, A., Michel, A., Barkema, H., Kralik, P., Kostoulas, P., Citer, L., Griffin, F., Barwell, R., Moreira, M.Aparecida, Slana, I., Koehler, H., Singh, S.Vir, Yoo, H.Sang, Chávez-Gris, G., Goodridge, A., Ocepek, M., Garrido, J., Stevenson, K., Collins, M., Alonso, B., Cirone, K., Paolicchi, F., Gavey, L., Rahman, M.Tanvir, de Marchin, E., Van Praet, W., Bauman, C., Fecteau, G., McKenna, S., Salgado, M., Fernández-Silva, J., Dziedzinska, R., Echeverría, G., Seppänen, J., Thibault, V., Fridriksdottir, V., Derakhshandeh, A., Haghkhah, M., Ruocco, L., Kawaji, S., Momotani, E., Heuer, C., Norton, S., Cadmus, S., Agdestein, A., Kampen, A., Szteyn, J., Frössling, J., Schwan, E., Caldow, G., Strain, S., Carter, M., Wells, S., Munyeme, M., Wolf, R., Gurung, R., Verdugo, C., Fourichon, C., Yamamoto, T., Thapaliya, S., Di Labio, E., Ekgatat, M., Gil, A., Alesandre, A.Nuñez, Piaggio, J., Suanes, A., de Waard, J.H. 2019
A novel translational ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma model for human lung cancer Gray, M.E., Sullivan, P., Marland, J.R.K., Greenhalgh, S.N., Meehan, J., Gregson, R., Clutton, E., Cousens, C., Griffiths, D.J., Murray, A., Argyle, D. 2019
The relationship between the presence of antibodies and direct detection of Toxoplasma gondii in slaughtered calves and cattle in four European countries Opsteegh, M., Spano, F., Aubert, D., Balea, A., BURRELLS, A., Cherchi, S., Cornelissen, J.B.W.J., Dam-Deisz, C., Guitain, J., Györke, A., Innes, E.A., Katzer, F., Limon, G., Possenti, A., Pozio, E., Schares, G., Villena, I., Wisselink, H.J., van der Giessen, J.W.B. 2019
Prevalence and genetic diversity of Toxoplasma gondii in free-ranging chickens from the Caribbean Hamilton, C.M., Robins, R., Thomas, R., Oura, C., Oliveira, S., Villena, I., Innes, E.A., Katzer, F., Kelly, P.J. 2019