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Order Reagents

Pentlands Immunologics is in the early stages of development.  We currently have a small range of reagents available to supply to researchers in limited quantities:
Bovine reagents
Anti-bovine monoclonal antibodies CD4 CD8 CD118
  CD25 CD172A IgA
  IgG IgG1 IgG2
  IgM IL10 IL17A
  IL33 MHC Class I MHC Class II
  TNF α TSLP  
Recombinant bovine cytokines IL10 IL17A IL33
  TNF α TSLP  


Ovine reagents
Anti-ovine monoclonal antibodies IgE IgG1
(Download datasheet)
(Download datasheet)
  IL17A CD83  
Recombinant ovine cytokines IL17A M-CSF TNF



Contact us for further details and to obtain pricing information.