Scottish Government Strategic Research Programme

Moredun is one of the six world renowned research institutes involved in the delivery of the Strategic Research Programme (SRP), one of the largest interdisciplinary research programmes on Agriculture, Food and the Environment in the UK.  Funded by the Scottish Government, the SRP brings together multidisciplinary scientific and knowledge exchange expertise from Moredun, The James Hutton Institute, Scotland's Rural College, The Rowett Institute, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland.  Together these six institutes make up the collective known as SEFARI - Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes.

The Scottish Government's Strategic Research Programme forms an important part of Scotland's science base.  It delivers world leading strategic research tackling some of the major issues and challenges faced at a global scale.  These include:

  • Options for land use and management of our finite resources
  • Sustainable food production
  • Food and water security
  • Combating infectious diseases
  • Improving human nutrition
  • Enhancng health and well being
  • Mitigating against and dealing with a changing climate
  • Building resilent rural communities

The Scottish Government Strategic Research Programme (SRP) 2016-2021 continues to build an evidence base to support policy needs in the rural affairs, food and environment portfolio.  The SRP consists of three themes: Natural Assets; Productive and Sustainable Land Management and Rural Economies; Food, Health and Wellbeing.


There are three Themes to the SRP: Natural Assets; Productive and Sustainable Land Management and Rural Economies; and Food, Health and Wellbeing. 

Each Theme contains four Work Packages which in turn contain a number of Research Deliverables, developed through discussions between the research institutes, stakeholders, and the Scottish Government. An overview of the structure of the SRP can be found here.