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Title Organisation Web link
Worm control in sheep for Better Returns Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB) http://bit.ly/3qw9Jyh
Worm control in sheep (PDF) Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) https://bit.ly/3t57NP1
Sustainable control of worms in sheep Sheep Veterinary Society https://bit.ly/3e9Ajus
Mind the gaps in research on the control of gastrointestinal nematodes of farmed ruminants and pigs (PDF) Veterinary Parasitology https://bit.ly/3bzhQpO
Refugia and anthelmintic resistance: Concepts and challenges International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance (via Science Direct) http://bit.ly/3vezoiO
Practices to optimise gastrointestinal nematode control on sheep, goat and cattle farms in Europe using targeted (selective) treatments The Veterinary Record (via Research Gate) https://bit.ly/30wVBKO
Farmer Behaviour and Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Ruminant Livestock - Uptake of Sustainable Control Approaches Frontiers in Veterinary Science https://bit.ly/3epWm0n
The role of targeted selective treatments in the development of refugia-based approaches to the control of gastrointestinal nematodes of small ruminants (PDF) Veterinary Parasitology https://bit.ly/2PnWbbd