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Professor Ruth Zadoks

Professor Ruth Zadoks

Moredun Research Institute
Pentlands Science Park
Bush Loan
Midlothian EH26 0PZ


Ruth Zadoks is Professor of Molecular Epidemiology at the University of Glasgow (Institute for Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine; College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences) and works in the Disease Control pillar at the Moredun Research Institute.

She graduated from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands with a DVM degree, and subsequently worked in bovine herd health and teaching whilst completing MSc and PhD degrees in veterinary epidemiology, focusing on mathematical and molecular epidemiology of bovine mastitis.  Since then, she has worked in research, teaching and knowledge exchange in the USA and the UK.

Ruth's main research interest is the epidemiology of infectious diseases of production animals, with emphasis on bacterial pathogens and parasites of comparative relevance to humans. Her work is focused on the use of molecular tools to improve disease control through increased understanding of sources and transmissions dynamics of infectious agents in host populations and the environment.

Current Research

  • Coordination of Moredun’s contribution to EPIC, the RESAS funded Centre of Excellence for Animal Disease Outbreaks.
  • Molecular epidemiology and pathophysiology of bovine mastitis
  • Molecular epidemiology of streptococcal infections in cattle, fish and humans
  • Liver fluke in sheep, beef cattle and the environment

Selected Key Publications