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Moredun's War of the Worms Animation

In response to increasing reports of anthelmintic (wormer) resistance in many of our common gastro-intestinal worms affecting the health and welfare of livestock and horses, Moredun has teamed up with animator Selina Wagner (Blobina Animations) to create an engaging and entertaining short film highlighting the important elements involved in the development and spread of anthelmintic resistance as well as the crucial messages on sustainable methods of worm control.

The key messages focus on explaining the life cycle of worms and how they are transmitted, the benefits of testing animals to determine the need for treatment and to check drug efficacy as well as the value of using farm specific information in treatment decisions.  The information is explained in a clear and interesting four minute animated film. It is hoped that the livestock and equine health industries will promote the use of this resource to explain best practice and encourage the implementation of these principles across the industry.