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Moredun Scientific celebrates its 30th birthday

Moredun Scientific celebrates its 30th birthday

Moredun Scientific is celebrating 30 years of providing contract research and testing services to the global animal health and biopharmaceutical industries.

The company was created in 1988 as the commercial arm of the Moredun Research Institute (MRI) to apply Moredun`s expert knowledge of animal diseases and its state-of-the-art animal facilities to provide world class commercial services to the animal health industry.  Over the 30 year duration, Moredun Scientific has tested a wide range of new and improved veterinary vaccines and therapeutics. In recent years the increasing global concern about antimicrobial resistance has resulted in the development of innovative potential alternatives to antimicrobials, many of which have been tested by the Moredun Scientific team.

Moredun Scientific’s animal health business continues to deliver efficacy and safety testing studies for veterinary vaccines and therapeutics to the leading global animal health companies. The company’s portfolio of services was originally ovine/bovine focussed however in recent years we have successfully developed a range of porcine models which are extensively used for testing new and improved porcine medicines. Poultry models are also being developed to assess the safety and efficacy of feeds and feed supplements.  Moving into the company’s fourth decade, the intention is to extend our services to aquaculture which would utilise existing skills and expertise and develop infectious disease models to test medicinal products for fish.

The Biosafety testing division was launched in 2008 to widen the business base and provide regulatory compliant testing of cell lines, cell banks and final human biopharmaceutical products for the global biopharmaceutical industry. This business area has grown strongly with customers across Europe and Asia. Strategic partnerships have been formed with key clients who appreciate the flexibility and commitment of the team to the on-time delivery of test results in a highly regulated environment.

John Murray, Managing Director of Moredun Scientific said “The strong partnership with MRI has been an important contributor to our success and we are proud to celebrate this significant milestone in our company’s development. We would like to thank our clients, collaborators and staff for their continued support.”