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Help with ‘joint ill’ in lambs survey

We’re looking for UK sheep farmers to participate in the  UK’s largest survey of ‘joint ill’ in lambs funded by the University of Liverpool, AHDB Beef and Lamb, and in collaboration with The Moredun Research Institute.

To participate, click here

‘Joint ill’ is a disease commonly affecting the joints of young lambs less than one month old. It causes severe pain and lameness, as well as significant financial losses to farms each year. This survey contributes to a project, funded by the University of Liverpool, AHDB Beef and Lamb and in collaboration with The Moredun Research Institute, which aims to find practical solutions for farmers to prevent joint ill. Your participation in this survey will help identify farm management practices which effect the risk of joint ill occurring on farms, and will contribute to new knowledge to help protect flocks.

Please complete this survey if you are a UK sheep farmer, regardless of whether you do or do not experience joint ill outbreaks.

This survey should take between 15-20 minutes to complete.