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Biobest and Moredun celebrate 18 years of rabies serology testing collaboration

Biobest and Moredun are celebrating the ‘coming of age’ of their collaboration to provide rabies serology testing for the international movement of pet cats and dogs.

The founder of Biobest, Dr David Snodgrass and the then director of Moredun, Professor Quintin McKellar began the planning of the innovative public/private collaboration in 1999 with Moredun providing the high containment testing laboratory facility to safely work with rabies virus and Biobest providing the technical expertise and know how to perform the blood testing of pet animals.

Biobest now test samples from all over the world to prove cats and dogs are immune to rabies before they are allowed to travel. The internationally recognised test for rabies antibody that Biobest uses shows a biological effect (neutralisation) of infectious virus. Virus neutralisation tests are recognised in virology as showing the best correlation between positive test results and immunity to infection. The Biobest service is also quick and cost effective, typically sample results are sent back to customers worldwide within 5 working days of sample receipt.

Paul Burr, Director of Biobest commented: “This test, which proves immunity to rabies prior to travel, has facilitated international movement of pets and cats all over the world without lengthy quarantine periods; reducing stress and inconvenience for pets and owners when moving between countries”

Julie Fitzpatrick, Scientific Director and CEO, Moredun said: “This is an excellent example of innovative collaboration.  Moredun has world class facilities and expertise to enable the safe handling of pathogens allowing this testing to be conducted safely and effectively.”

Full instructions, import permits and forms for submitting samples to Biobest from all over the world are available from the Biobest website www.biobest.co.uk