PRESS RELEASE: Rapid production of an E. coli toxin that promotes gut colonisation in cattle is responsible for the emergence of a life-threatening bacterial disease in humans

A new study published today in PLOS Pathogens by scientists at the Moredun Research Institute, the University of Edinburgh, Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland and international partners, has shown that a specific toxin produced by naturally-occurring E.
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PRESS RELEASE: Moredun signs collaboration agreement with Roslin Technologies to develop E. coli O157:H7 vaccine

Moredun Research Institute has signed an agreement with Roslin Technologies, Scotland’s Rural College and the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh, to fund the commercial development of an E. coli O157:H7 vaccine for cattle to prevent life-threatening illnesses in humans.

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PRESS RELEASE: Wild animals’ immune systems decline with age, sheep study finds

It is well established that weakened immune systems in old age affect people’s health and fitness, but a study suggests that it is also an issue for wild animals.

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EVENT: Open day at Connachan promotes open OPA discussions

Over 100 farmers gathered at Connachan on Wednesday 28th August for the Moredun, National Sheep Association (NSA) and MSD Animal Health national hill sheep event, kindly hosted by Mary McCall Smith and Scott MacAulay.

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PRESS RELEASE: Honorary Fellowship for Sheila Voas BVM&S, MRCVS

The Moredun Foundation, the governing body of Moredun Research Institute, was delighted to award an Honorary Fellowship to Sheila Voas at its AGM on Thursday 5th September 2019.

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Scientists test an experimental vaccine against malignant catarrhal fever at ILRI’s Kapiti Research Station

The following article was written by Ekta Patel, Communications Manager for the International Livestock Research Institute, and can be found on their news page (see link to the right.)

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SCOPS Nematodirus Forecast a vital tool for sheep farmers and advisors

Despite the threat from nematodirus being lower in spring 2019 than the two previous years, the SCOPS Nematodirus Forecast has once again proven itself to be a vital tool for farmers, vets and SQPs. 

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EVENT: Maximising grass and health for profitable upland lamb production

A highly informative and interesting farm event drew the crowds at Ruthven Farm, Tomintoul.

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Moredun to be represented at Aqua Nor 2019

We will be at Aqua Nor in Trondheim, Norway this week to showcase our Aquaculture testing service which supports developments in fish health, welfare and nutrition.

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PRESS RELEASE: Small redworm blood test (including encysted larvae) to be launched as a diagnostic service in September 2019

The blood test has been developed by Prof Jacqui Matthews’ group at the Moredun Research Institute (MRI), the main funder being The Horse Trust.

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SCOPS encouraged sheep farmers to use newer wormers as a mid-season lamb dose this summer

Use of the two newer wormer groups (4-AD orange and 5-SI purple) has doubled in the two years since they became available through SQPs at merchants, but sheep farmers could still harness their potential more.

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Congratulations to PSP Apprentice Engineer

Pentlands Science Park Apprentice Engineer, Marcel came 5th in the Heating & Ventilation Welding Category at the BESA Scotland Apprentice Awards 2019 which were held at the Scottish Parliament on 20th June.

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Pentlands Science Park celebrates 25th Anniversary

The Pentlands Science Park was developed as the new home for the Moredun Research Institute and is home to 20 tenant companies including Moredun Scientific.

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Salmon Pancreas Disease Trination Meeting 2019

The Pancreas Disease Trination initiative was established in 2005 with the aims to integrate and focus the activities of academia and industry from Norway, Ireland, Scotland and more recently other salmon farming regions.

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New Rapid Diagnostic Test under Development to combat Sheep Scab

Scientists at Moredun are currently developing a rapid, point of care diagnostic blood test for sheep scab infestation. Moredun has now entered into a collaboration with Global DX (a developer of point of care veterinary diagnostic tests) to complete the development and validation of the test.

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New research published studying a population of wild Soay sheep

New research published by scientists at the Moredun Research Institute and the Universities of Stirling, Lancaster and Edinburgh shows that, for at least one population, the link between offspring and infections can have deadly consequences.

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Temperature fluctuations creating a different nematodirus challenge to previous years

The SCOPS Nematodirus Forecast at is showing many areas of the UK now at ‘high’ or ‘very high’ risk levels for lambs that are six weeks old.

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GMP certificate renewal

We are pleased to announce that an inspection by the Medicines and Healthcare  Regulatory Authority earlier this month confirmed that Moredun Scientific’s operations are compliant with the principles and guidelines of good manufacturing practice in relation to contract quality control services.

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Delivering excellence in veterinary surveillance and research for Scotland

A new centre for animal disease surveillance and research was opened today (21 March 2019) by Mairi Gougeon MSP, Minister for Rural Affairs and the Natural Environment.

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Animal Health Newsletter – Winter Edition

We are pleased to announce that the latest edition of our Animal Health Newsletter is now available at the link below:

Animal Health Newsletter – Winter Edition

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New approaches to porcine respiratory disease challenge models

Moredun Scientific has developed and validated sequential models of porcine respiratory disease to mimic respiratory disease more consistent with field type infections for use in efficacy testing of veterinary medicinal products.

The models involve the following veterinary pathogens:

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Deer health project finds low levels of E. coli O157 strain in wild deer in Scotland

A project undertaken by the Moredun Research Institute and the University of Edinburgh into harmful E. coli O157 bacteria in Scotland’s wild deer has established that the bacteria has a low prevalence in deer of less than 0.3 per cent.

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SAIC appoints Moredun’s Chief Executive as first female Chair to its scientific panel

In December the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) appointed Professor Julie Fitzpatrick OBE as the first female Chairperson of its Independent Scientific Panel (SISP).

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Smarter About Rural Animal Health: SRUC and Moredun share research ideas to tackle the big questions

Moredun Research Institute (MRI) and Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) have set out plans for their new strategic partnership to benefit Scotland’s livestock and farming industries.

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New Head of Aquaculture for Moredun Scientific

Plans are underway to launch a new service in 2019 supporting the development and commercialisation of products which impact on the health and welfare of farmed fish.

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Moredun researchers led team to publish the genome of the poultry red mite

Researchers at the Moredun Research Institute have led an international team to publish the genome of the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae.

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Report provides important new evidence on E. coli O157 in cattle

Food Standards Scotland and the Food Standards Agency have published the report of a four year research project which provides important new evidence on E. coli O157 - a bacterium carried by cattle which can cause serious illness when it enters the food chain. 

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Establishing a diagnostic surveillance platform in Northern Tanzania

Livestock are a very important part of the agricultural economy of Tanzania and support the livelihoods of many families by contributing to the national food supply and food security and the provision of draught power and manure to support crop production.  Tanzania has around 21 million cattle,

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Moredun supports Women in Wellies initiative

Official statistics for Scotland indicate that the rural workforce is predominantly male (around 74 per cent) and across Scotland there is a deficit of young people entering land based careers. 

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Moredun Scientific receives funding from Eurostars for further development of Streptococcus suis piglet vaccine

Moredun Scientific has been awarded funding through the Eurostars-2 program to collaborate with Swedish based Intervacc to support the further development of Intervacc`s innovative vaccine to protect piglets against infection caused by the bacterial pathogen Streptococcus suis.

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Grass, minerals and flukes - another successful on farm KE event by Moredun and the Crown Estate Scotland

Poldean Farm near Moffat, run by the Davidson family, was the venue this week for a very well attended and successful farm event run by Moredun and the Crown Estate Scotland.

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Moredun collaborate to develop new vaccine to protect against Foot and Mouth Disease

Scientists at Moredun are working on a collaborative project to develop a new vaccine to protect livestock against foot and mouth disease (FMD).

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Scientists discuss research towards mitigating anthelmintic resistance in livestock

Moredun scientists joined fellow researchers from across 30 countries at the second COMBAR Working Group meeting to present research results and to discuss a coordinated approach towards solutions for anthelmintic resistance.

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Moredun Scientific celebrates its 30th birthday

Moredun Scientific is celebrating 30 years of providing contract research and testing services to the global animal health and biopharmaceutical industries.

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Moredun's CEO receives top honour from British Veterinary Association

Professor Julie Fitzpatrick OBE has been awarded the British Veterinary Association’s (BVA) most prestigious scientific award at BVA Members’ Day in York (20 September) for her outstanding contribution to UK and global livestock health and welfare in a career spanning three decades.

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Mannhaemia haemolytica challenge model publication

A recent publication shows the results of a study treating experimentally induced bovine respiratory disease in calves with a new combined therapeutic product.

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Dry summer may not have killed off liver fluke

The Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) and Control of Cattle Parasites Sustainably (COWS) groups are urging sheep and cattle farmers to not be complacent about liver fluke this autumn.

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New animated film to be launched in the fight against fluke

We are delighted to announce that Fight the Fluke, the latest addition to our hugely popular animation series, will be launched at the National Sheep Association Sheep Event next week (18th July).

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Videos launched in fight against the spread of African Swine Fever

Following the two most recent outbreaks of African Swine Fever (ASF) in the Czech Republic and Hungary the Scottish Government has produced two videos directed to pig producers and pet pig owners.

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Call for action as first case of resistance to group 4 wormer (monepantel) is reported in the UK

A collaborative study between Moredun and the University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies has identified the first case of resistance to monepantel (trade name Zolvix®) in the UK.

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Working together to control ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma (OPA)

“Doing nothing is not an option”  was the unanimous opinion of the farmers, vets and sheep health experts participating at a workshop to discuss the way forward to control OPA  held at Moredun on Tuesday 5th June.

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Animal Health Newsletter – Spring Edition

We are pleased to announce that the latest edition of our Animal Health Newsletter is now available at the link below:

Animal Health Newsletter – Spring Edition



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European Society of Porcine Health Management

We will attend this conference in Barcelona (9th-11th May), the programme includes sessions on porcine viral and bacterial diseases. We hope to see you there.

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Celebrating 30 Years of Equine Grass Sickness Research

The Moredun Foundation Equine Grass Sickness Fund (EGSF) was launched in 1988 by Moredun and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies to provide a research hub dedicated to improving treatment, finding the cause and developing means of preventing this devastating disease.

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Moredun Scientific to attend Viral Safety and Raw Materials Conference

Moredun Scientific will be present at this event in Amsterdam later this month.

The Viral Safety and Raw Materials conference gathers viral safety experts and the focus will be on virus detection, viral removal and regulatory know-how.

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Farmers urged to take advice to deal with complicated liver fluke situation

The prediction by the National Animal Disease Information Service (NADIS) for a high risk of liver fluke disease this winter have been borne out by incidences recorded over recent months.

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Researchers create new network to combat anthelmintic resistance in livestock

Researchers from Moredun joined colleagues from institutes across Europe to discuss a coordinated approach in tackling anthelmintic resistance in ruminants.

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New SCOPS website launched

The Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) group has launched a new website today (Thursday 1st March) to provide a one-stop-shop for practical information on controlling sheep parasites.

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New porcine Pasteurella multocida challenge model

Moredun Scientific has developed and validated a new experimental model of infection for Pasteurella multocida in pigs.

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MRI board member takes on role at SRUC

A Moredun Research Institute board member and leading environmental scientist is set to take up a key role at Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC).

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Moredun opens new accommodation for porcine studies

Moredun have invested in new pig accommodation to meet the growing demand from Moredun Scientific’s clients for studies to test the efficacy of new and improved porcine vaccines and therapeutic drugs.

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Applications open for 2018 Moredun Foundation Award Scheme

The Moredun Foundation is delighted to announce that applications are now open for the 2018 Moredun Foundation Award Scheme. 

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New dairy facility for milking studies

A new, purpose built, dairy facility has been added to the Moredun Bioservices animal facilities. The facility extends the available capacity for studies to test novel and enhanced vaccines and therapeutic products in lactating dairy cattle.

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New funding to develop tests for the detection of small redworm parasites in horses

The Moredun Research Institute has successfully obtained new research funding from the Horse Trust to complete the development of a blood based test for the detection of cyathostomins (small redworms) in horses.

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SCOPS issues latest liver fluke update

This month SCOPS (Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep) have released its latest update on liver fluke.

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The Princess Royal attends a special event to celebrate Moredun's unique partnership with the farming industry

Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal attended a special event held today (Tuesday 21st November) at Pentlands Science Park to celebrate Moredun’s rich heritage and unique partnership with the farming industry.

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Moredun Research Institute and SRUC establish ‘game-changing’ collaboration

Moredun Research Institute and Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) have announced a new strategic partnership they describe as ‘game-changing’ in advancing livestock health, welfare production and resilience in support of Scottish and global rural development, food security and food safety.

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Moredun staff to take part in world's largest charity sleep out event

Members of Moredun's Senior Management Team will be swapping their officewear for their sleeping bags to take part in the world's largest charity sleep out event on 9th December.

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Moredun takes lead role in fight against Jaagsiekte

The rising threat of the fatal and infectious lung disease (ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma [OPA], commonly known as Jaagsiekte) is increasing in reach and severity, which has led both the National Farmers’ Union and Livestock Health Scotland to issue advice aimed at cutting these rises.

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New funding to test novel techniques to evaluate efficacy of control strategies against Poultry Red Mite

Dr Alasdair Nisbet, has been successful in obtaining new research funding from the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) to evaluate a new technique that would greatly reduce the number of hens used in the efficacy testing of vaccines.

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Counting snails - not sheep - may hold answers for fluke and wading birds

It is well known that liming can improve forage production but the wider effects of liming are poorly understood. A liming research project underway at the Game & Wildlife Scottish Demonstration Farm (GWSDF) Auchnerran now incorporates studies being run by Moredun Research Institute.

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Finishing lambs on grass with an eye on the bottom line

Moredun and the Farmers Network recently joined forces on farm in Cumbria to produce a very informative and interesting livestock production event.

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Moredun CEO appointed as Vice President of the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland

The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) has recently announced it's new presidential team which sees Moredun's Professor Julie Fitzpatrick appointed as vice president alongside the society's new president, Sir Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw Bt QC.

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Battle of the Bugs – Bringing key biosecurity messages to life

Following the success of the War of the Worms, Moredun were delighted to join forces once again with animator Selina Wagner (Blobina Animations) to create another engaging short film.  Battle of the Bugs highlights the key biosecurity messages that are a critically important part of disease prevention and control.

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Professor Julie Fitzpatrick receives Honorary Doctorate of Science from Edinburgh Napier University

Professor Julie Fitzpatrick the Scientific Director of the Moredun Research Institute and Chief Executive of the Moredun Group,  also holds a Chair in Food Security in the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences at the University of Glasgow.

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Biobest and Moredun celebrate 18 years of rabies serology testing collaboration

Biobest and Moredun are celebrating the ‘coming of age’ of their collaboration to provide rabies serology testing for the international movement of pet cats and dogs.

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Honorary Doctorate for the President of The Moredun Foundation

Many congratulations to President of the Moredun Foundation, Dr John Cameron CBE,  who has been awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from the University of St Andrews for his contributions to agriculture, transport and education.

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Launch of VetBioNet – a European project to combat animal infectious diseases

Moredun is a partner in VetBioNet which aims to reinforce the cooperation between Europe’s leading high-containment research infrastructures to advance research on epizootic and zoonotic diseases and to promote technological developments.

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Help wanted for new study on Cryptosporidium

Cryptosporidium is one of the most important infectious scour causes in young calves and can be very difficult to get rid of.

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Launch of SEFARI - Leading ideas for better lives

Businesses, charities, communities and policy-makers will benefit from easier access to environmental and agricultural research carried out in Scotland, thanks to a collective launched today.

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Farmer workshop demonstrates economic benefit of using precision farming technologies

Moredun organised a workshop for farmers this week (Wednesday 8th March) to demonstrate the links between better disease control and improved economic return both in terms of production costs and return on sale.

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Moredun’s Director of Communications elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Professor Lee Innes, a renowned scientist and Moredun’s Director of Communications, has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. 

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Moredun’s Director of Communications wins prestigious Scottish Knowledge Exchange Award

Congratulations to Professor Lee Innes, Moredun’s Director of Communications, who received an award for Outstanding Contribution to Knowledge Exchange at the prestigious Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards.

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Moredun’s Director of Communications shortlisted for a prestigious Scottish Knowledge Exchange Award

Moredun’s Director of Communications, Professor Lee Innes, has been shortlisted for Outstanding Contribution to Knowledge Exchange at the prestigious Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards 2017.

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Moredun Regional Advisor wins Farm Animal Health Advisor of the Year

Huge congratulations to Scott Brown, one of our South of Scotland Regional Advisors, who was recently awarded Farm Animal Health Advisor of the Year at the OvertheCounter Awards.

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Knighthood for Moredun Foundation Board Member

Congratulations to Moredun Foundation Board member, John Campbell, founder and chairman of the Glenrath Farms empire, who has been knighted in the New Year Honours List for his services to farming and charitable service to entrepreneurship.

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New Associate Membership Announced with Downland

Moredun are delighted to announce that Downland, a UK wide network of independently owned agricultural retailers who specialise in the dairy, beef and sheep sectors, have joined up with Moredun as Associate Members.

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OPA research hones in on three approaches in a bid to enhance diagnostics

Recent research by Moredun scientists and colleagues has provided new opportunities for the development of diagnostic tests for ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma (OPA).

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Applications open for 2017 Moredun Foundation Awards

The Moredun Foundation is delighted to announce that applications are now open for the 2017 Moredun Foundation Award Scheme. 

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New application for OPA PCR test developed

Scientists and vets at Moredun Research Institute and Biobest Laboratories Ltd have developed and evaluated a diagnostic test on nasal swabs from thin ewes that could be used to screen flocks for Ovine Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma (OPA).

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Moredun’s Julie Fitzpatrick receives the Royal Smithfield Club Bicentenary Trophy from HRH The Princess Royal

The Royal Smithfield awards its Bicentenary Trophy to publicly recognise an individual’s significant contribution to the overall benefit of the British meat and livestock industry.

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HRH The Princess Royal visits Moredun

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal visited Moredun Foundation today to find out how creative design has been applied to benefit the health and welfare of livestock in a special event to help celebrate Scotland’s year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.

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Moredun scientists take on the Movember Challenge

November has seen Moredun Research Institute 'renamed' the Moustache Research Institute all in aid of raising awareness of men’s health.

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Moredun's War of the Worms Animation

In response to increasing reports of anthelmintic (wormer) resistance in many of our common gastro-intestinal worms affecting the health and welfare of livestock and horses, Moredun has teamed up with animator Selina Wagner (Blobina Animations) to create an engaging and entertaining short film highlighting the important elements involved in the development and spread of anthelmintic resistance.

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High Liver Fluke Risk this Autumn

Farmers are warned to be proactive with liver fluke management this autumn to ensure no adverse effects to cattle performance are seen, given the high liver fluke risk this year.   

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Graeme Cook appointed as new Director for the Centre for Knowledge Exchange and Impact

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Graeme Cook as the new Director for the Centre of Knowledge Exchange and Impact (CKEI) with effect from 12th of September 2016.

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New Chairman Announced for Moredun Scientific

John Mackinnon has been appointed as the new chairman of Moredun Scientific. He will succeed Dr Peter Wells who has been chairman of the Moredun Scientific board of directors for the past eight years and is retiring from the post.

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Moredun Partners with Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre

The Moredun Research Institute are now an academic partner of the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) which aims to stimulate the growth of the Industrial Biotechnology (IB) industry in Scotland.

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Analysis of milk using new technologies has identified potential biomarkers of mastitis enabling real-time diagnostics and targeted therapeutics

Scientists from the University of Glasgow and the Moredun Research Institute have published data from a comprehensive analysis of the changes that occur in milk during mastitis caused by a bacterial infection of the udder. 

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Moredun's parasitologists find a creative way to highlight the key messages for sustainable worm control

Moredun has teamed up with an animator to create an engaging and entertaining short film highlighting the important elements involved in the development and spread of anthelmintic resistance.

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Biosecurity best practice advice to the farming community

Moredun and The Crown Estate Scotland Portfolio have extended their collaboration to produce Biosecurity information in a clear and concise format aimed to encourage livestock farmers to encompass a proactive approach to disease prevention and control.

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Moredun PhD Student wins Young Scientist Award

Ana Herrero, a PhD student at the Moredun Research Institute and the University of Stirling, was crowned the winning of the Young Scientist Award at the 10th Aquaculture UK Conference in Aviemore last week (25th May). 

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New Saliva Test under Development to Diagnose Equine Encysted Small Strongyle Infection

Scientists at Moredun are currently developing a novel diagnostic blood test for the assessment of encysted small strongyle larval burdens in horses. The diagnostic test detects antibodies to larval cyathostomins encysted in the gut wall of infected horses.

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Professor Randolph Richards receives the RCVS Queens Medal

Congratulations to Moredun Foundation Vice-Chairman Professor Randolph Richards who isthe recipient of this year’s Queen’s Medal, the highest honour that the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) can bestow upon a veterinary surgeon.

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Moredun Research Institute is awarded £6.4M to research livestock health and welfare as part of the Scottish Government's funding programme for scientific research

The Scottish Government is investing £48M in 2016-2017 for strategic scientific research in the area of rural affairs, food and the environment.

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First Nematodirus Case Confirmed

The first case of Nematodirosis causing deaths and scouring in lambs has been confirmed in the Hereford area this week. The lambs were about 4 weeks of age and grazing high risk pasture with south facing slopes.

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Bovine ‘bum bag’ design challenge: Ensuring hygienic collection of faeces from livestock

Moredun scientisits recently set researchers at the School of Textiles & Design a particularly tricky challenge: how to develop a ‘bovine bum bag’ to ensure the hygienic collection of faeces from livestock.

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Moredun scientists feature on BBC Out of Doors

Moredun was in attendance at the SRUC – SEPA Biennial Conference in Edinburgh this week (1-2nd March 2016) to discuss the environmental, land management and animal health challenges facing the future of our farming systems.

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Analysis of Salmonella strains in Scottish grey seals raises concerns of microbial marine pollution

Scottish grey seal pups are found to be infected with forms of Salmonella bacteria, similar to those isolated from livestock and humans, according to a new study.

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Applications open for 2016 Moredun Foundation Awards - funding available to support innovative projects and individuals with an interest in livestock health and welfare

The Moredun Foundation is delighted to announce that applications are now open for the 2016 Moredun Foundation Award Scheme. 

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Professor Willie Donachie, former Managing Director of Moredun Scientific and renowned veterinary microbiologist, awarded OBE in New Year’s Honours

Moredun is very proud to announce that Professor Willie Donachie, former Managing Director of Moredun Scientific and past Deputy Director of Moredun Research Institute, has been awarded an OBE in the New Year’s Honours for services to animal and veterinary biosciences.

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