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Livestock Keepers


LIVESTOCK KEEPERS is a talking science project funded by the Moredun Foundation and the Scottish Government and uses accessible narratives to tell the stories of people that choose to keep livestock. 

The project seeks to highlight the role of livestock in supporting a range of diverse rural industries across Scotland.

 Livestock contribute to some of Scotland’s most important industries including food and drink; wool and textiles; tourism and the arts.  Livestock also play a significant role in biodiversity and the environmental and cultural heritage associated with remote rural communities.

Livestock farming has a significant multiplier effect in rural communities and helps to maintain the social fabric and well-being of communities.

The project co-ordinators have visited farmers and rural businesses across Scotland and have taken the project to a number of shows and gatherings.  For further information about the livestock keepers and rural businesses please see the  'Meet the Keepers' interactive map.  The stories of some of the Livestock Keepers involved in the project are told in the short videos below:

Click here to view more of the Livestock Keepers photos in our Gallery.

For more information about the project or if you would like to be involved please contact Lee Innes: [email protected]