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AgriScot 2020

Wednesday 18 November 2020
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ONLINE seminar


Open to Farmers, Vets, SQP and general public

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Register Online - https://hopin.to/events/agriscot-2020

Sustainable parasite control - An Animal Health Workshop delivered by Moredun

Moredun Foundation Chairman Ian Duncan Millar will introduce this special Centenary seminar from Moredun focussing on Sustainable Parasite Control: test don’t guess. Parasite infections are an economic as well as an animal health and welfare concern in livestock systems and this seminar will cover updates on the control of three major parasites, roundworms, liver fluke and sheep scab with Dr Dave Bartley, Dr Philip Skuce and Dr Stew Burgess.

Please register to join our FREE seminar https://hopin.to/events/agriscot-2020