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Aquaculture Facilities


We have access to both freshwater and seawater aquaculture facilities in order to undertake and complete studies to the satisfaction of the appropriate regulatory authorities. The variety of different tank sizes enables us to conduct a range of different study types in line with client requirements

Facility 1 - GLP compliant, licenced for radiochemicals, for small-scale pharmacology and environmental safety testing.

Facility 2 – larger scale biocontainment facility with full control of temperature and salinity for safety, pharmacology and efficacy studies. 8 x 1.5m and 24 x 1m tanks.

Facility 3 – commercial scale, freshwater salmon and trout unit for fish performance studies and testing of equipment and devices. 28 x 2m tanks and 36 x 1m tanks

Facility 4 – seawater facility with 6 x 4.5m tanks (24m3) and 12x 1.5m tanks