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Post-Marketing Studies


We offer a cost-effective service for post-marketing studies for veterinary medicinal products in cattle and sheep. Animals enrolled on these studies are rented from commercial farms and studies are conducted at our GLP accredited facility.

As part of the continual monitoring process which is necessary following the licensing of veterinary products, animal health companies can be required to investigate issues that have been raised by users in the field. These issues may be related to aspects of product safety (e.g. injection site reactions or unexpected adverse effects following administration) or efficacy (e.g. assessing whether the concurrent administration of two products has a negative effect on the serological response). Monitoring resistance to veterinary medicinal products may also be an objective of post-marketing investigation. The investigations are normally carried out using licensed products according to the label instructions or under an animal test certificate where variations to the label use are required.

The studies are conducted in accordance with scientifically valid protocols and follow appropriate quality standards.

Key features of our post-marketing study service:

  • Provision of animals to meet study requirements (age, sex, numbers).
  • Studies conducted by experienced study directors.
  • Animals under the care of Moredun veterinary staff throughout the study.
  • High standards of animal welfare throughout with animals returned to farms post-study.
  • Rigorous quality standards, studies are audited by our independent Quality Assurance team.