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Field Trials


Field trials are required for veterinary product registration to verify that results under field conditions reflect those observed in experimental trials with the target animals.

We offer field trials to veterinary good clinical practice (VICH GCP) to animal health companies requiring UK field trial data from cattle or sheep studies.

Site selection and study set up

We are well placed to rapidly select and enrol trial sites through a close connection with the subscribing members of our parent organisation The Moredun Foundation. A large number of members are farmers and vets with an active interest in animal health and welfare. In addition we have established links with veterinary groups across the UK.

Quality systems

Our quality assurance department is experienced in VICH-GCP ensuring the provision of independent quality assurance at all phases of a study.

Experienced staff

Our team of experienced study monitors and investigators, in conjunction with an extended network of trained veterinary investigators at local veterinary practices, ensures we can tailor our services to meet your study requirements.

Our offering ranges from complete management and delivery of studies to provision of specific elements to meet client requirements including:

  • Study design and set up
  • Protocol development
  • Site selection
  • Study monitoring
  • Study close out