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Antimicrobial Pharmacodynamics

We employ a variety of in vitro testing procedures to ascertain the effectiveness of an antimicrobial compound and to test for any growing antibiotic resistance problems against specific bacterial pathogens.

The Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) test allows the accurate determination of the concentration of antimicrobial product which is required to inhibit the growth of the target bacterium.

The Minimum Bactericidal Concentration (MBC) allows the bactericidal activity of a compound to be assessed.

We routinely perform MIC and MBC testing studies on a variety of aerobic, anaerobic and fastidious veterinary bacterial pathogens. This work is conducted to world recognised standards (Clinical Laboratory Standard Institute).

Testing is performed by macro, micro or agar dilution methodologies. In addition, other services including determination of Bactericidal Activity (BA) and Post Antimicrobial Effect (PAE) are offered.