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GLOWORM project

Infection with parasitic worms represents a significant economic and welfare burden to the European ruminant livestock industry. The increasing prevalence of anthelmintic (wormer) resistance means that current control programmes, based on routine anthelmintic treatment, are costly and unsustainable in the longer-term.

Recent changes in the epidemiology, seasonality and geographic distribution of helminth parasites have been attributed to climate change, however, other changes in the environment (e.g. land-use) and in livestock farming (e.g. intensification and changing management practices) will also have an impact. Sustainable control of endemic parasitic worm infections in a changing world requires detailed knowledge of these complex interactions.

To this end, scientists from Moredun have joined forces with researchers across Europe to investigate the effects of global (including climate) change on parasitic worms in livestock. The 'GLOWORM' project (total grant, €3.3million) is funded under the EU-Framework 7 Initiative and involves 14 European research partners.

Beyond the UK, collaborating countries include Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland. Specific work to be undertaken includes improved diagnosis of parasitic disease in livestock and detection of drug resistance; the impacts of global change on parasite transmission; computer modeling of disease risk and sustainable parasite control strategies.

The project began in January 2012 and will run for 3 years.

Call for participants in a grazing survey


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